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Design, Build and Inspire!

For me, custom home building, major home renovations and interior design are all extremely personal endeavors. I work very hard right from the start to get to know my clients very well and truly understand their lifestyle, their hopes and dreams, how they live, as well as well as their personal style, ie. what do they love and what makes them smile.

For most people, realizing the dream of building a custom home or embarking on a major renovation is one of the biggest ‘home’ decisions a person will make in their lifetime. I understand this full well and respect this 100% and therefore work closely with my clients to fully understand their goals and expectations. We work closely together throughout the entire process to continually communicate regarding budgets and building milestones. I believe continual forward thinking allows me to turn out lovely projects that are both designed well and within allocated budgets.

In addition, photos are a wonderful way to share the building experience for those who cannot be here and present for the entire building process.

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