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Seaglass: Foundation Footing Design

To best utilize this small lot, we designed this house to be quite tall in order to capture the ocean views but it also has quite a small building envelope as the owner wanted to maintain as much yard space as possible.

To do this, the home has a very large ‘spread footer’ for stability. Think of a stiletto high heal vs. a wedge high heel! The wedge is a LOT more stable than the stiletto!!


These footings are meaty 40” cubes along with 36” wide trenches 16” deep filled with 3000 psi concrete, 24” column hoops and 5/8 (#5) rebar. They are very well engineered to be very strong and very stable as a strong and accurate foundation lays the ‘foundation’ to a successful building process. (pic rebar, pouring and concrete)

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